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Video Room #2 Challenges:

U12 and younger

U13 and older

Video Room #1 Challenges:

U12 and younger

U13 and older

Watching soccer is training soccer

Watching the game of soccer is another way of training, in this case watching the game will improve your understanding of the game and your soccer IQ. The average American player does not watch the game much compared to the average soccer player in other cultures, so that's something that we can definitely improve. Given the current situation, it's the perfect time to start watching some video!

How does it work?

We will be doing a few Video Room challenges this Spring season. You will watch a short video and then answer some questions about it. Your coaches will have access to the responses so they will know who in their team is working on this! 

Tips when watching soccer

Take these points into consideration when watching the game (not necessarily just these challenges, but the game in general):

-Be analytical. Ask yourself why players make the decisions they make.

-Focus on the detail. Look at how players dribble, pass, receive, do skill moves and shoot.

-Don't focus only on the ball. There are many important things happening outside of it, such as the team's shape, the players' movement off the ball, etc.

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